“Mushrooms were the roses in the garden of that unseen world, because the real mushroom plant was underground. The parts you could see – what most people called a mushroom – was just a brief apparition. A cloud flower.”

-Margaret Atwood- The Year of the Flood

You may be wondering :

“what’s with this mushroom craze? “


Well… It’s about this weird reality they reflect, almost one of a fairy-tale, for mushrooms and fairytales have long been united by nature into an inextricable bond. It’s all about this unpretencious immediacy that tends to build an ambiance of a dream all around them.. All deriving from their own sophistication.

Mushrooms are the strongest personalities in the autumn forest. A rather impatient nature is what lurks behind the illusion of their calm. In a mystical way, they gather all silence in the woods just to portray a cry that depicts their beauty and grandeur. For those who have discovered this fungus’ fairytale dimension as it forms into an image through the camera lenses, they have all experienced the tightrope walk between myth and reality. Mushrooms tend to kindle our imagination through the real stories they have to tell.

After all, reality is sometimes stranger than imagination.

MontPhoto Rain's Visitors at Dusk

Last Breath of Autumn

MontPhoto Magic mushrooms

Mushroom Magic

The Magical morels

Like a dream

Spirits Of The Bamboo Forest

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MontPhoto Rain's Visitors at Dusk

Rain’s Visitors at Dusk

MontPhoto Magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

Spirits Of The Bamboo Forest

Spirits Of The Bamboo Forest

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